Every parent has a desire to see their children excel in life, maybe even eventually grow up to be outstanding parents themselves. You want the best for your kids, but it is an enormous struggle to know how to do this while at the same your own busy life.

Greenbrier Kids is here to PARTNER with parents in raising your kids in a Christ centered way. We say partner because Greenbrier only sees your kids about 40 hours a year, and guess who has them the rest of the time!! We team up with you in a number of ways:

Engaging Sunday environments: Everything we do on Sunday is tailored to the appropriate age level of your child, and guess what...your kids will actually have an incredible time at church!! Adult services are for adults, your kids will never be engaged in adult worship and teaching, and they will grow up believing that church is boring! They will want to come back to Greenbrier Kids.
Practical Resources: Parents may not know where to start when it comes to how to teach their kids. We provide parents direction and material that can continue what was taught at Greenbrier Kids in your home, while driving your car, eating....all the normal day to day activities of life can now result in a meaningful time of growth and development in your kids and the family relationship.
Support: Kids tune parents out often! No surprise there. The leaders in Greenbrier Kids are another voice in your child's life that they are more prone to pay attention to. An outside voice can share with your child something that you have shared over and over, but are ignored because you are the parent! Greenbrier Kids exist to support parents in the mission to grow their child up in the way they should go...pursuing Christ.